The Friday Feeling - Sid on Song

I can't think of a better person to represent that glorious 'Friday Feeling' than Sid James. The cheeky laugh, mischievous twinkle in the eyes, warm, lovable personality and pure zest for living act as an inspiration to us all to enjoy life to its fullest.  This is the first in a regular series of Friday Feeling posts to help celebrate the arrival of another weekend.

This week, Sid entertains us with some glorious song and dance!

Sid James sings Bermondsey in Three Hats for Lisa

I defy anyone not to smile and be instantly lifted by Sid's rousing rendition of Bermondsey from the 1965 musical comedy Three Hats for Lisa. Sid's dancing skills are highlighted wonderfully here, while his gravel-etched vocal, belted out in that unique cockney/South African twang, is awash with old London town spirit.

No matter what the weather outside, the sun always shines in my house when Sid sings Bermondsey.

Sid sings Where's the Birdie? in Tommy the Toreador

Next up is another joyous song and dance routine featuring our man Sid, this time from the 1959 Tommy Steele vehicle Tommy the Toreador. Once again, it's difficult not to smile and feel happy when watching Sid team up with good friends Tommy Steele and Bernard Cribbins to perform the ludicrously catchy Where's the Birdie? The song has a habit of hanging around in your head for days!

More Friday fun with Sid next week!


  1. Wonderful, very entertaining and I now have the Watch the Birdie song in my head. Thanks for sharing :)


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