The Joy of Sid

There are some people in life who are born to make people happy. To radiate joy, spread laughter and, at the very least, bring a smile to even the most serious of lips. Sid James, born on this day in 1913, was one of those people.

Sid James was one of those rare sorts in life who seemed to be loved by everyone he came across. From co-workers, family and friends to fans that he met in the street, that affable Sid charm held all in its spell. As you can see from the above photo taken during the filming of Carry On Cabby, even the youngest of Sid's fans held him in high esteem. Take a look at the expression on the face of the young lad on the right of the picture. I reckon if I was old enough to have been there at the time, that look of awe at meeting Sid would have crossed my mush too!

From the young to the more mature, here's Sid working his innate charm on the holidaymakers of Torquay, as he takes a break from the summer season he was appearing in at the time...

The combination of Sid's laid-back personality and the fact that many of the characters he portrayed on-screen were exaggerated versions of his real-life self, meant that many of his fans felt that they knew him. Even today, more than forty years after his death, watching Sid James is akin to catching up with a dear old friend.

Whether portraying a friendly copper, a world-weary crook or a feared gunslinger, Sid's warmth and engaging personality always shone through. Add to that his superb comic timing, crinkled features, eyes with mischievous twinkle forever at the ready and, of course, that magical laugh and all the ingredients for spreading joy and happiness are there.

Why We Love Sid 

  "My father was always impeccable with his manners. He was always very polite to the ladies and that's one of the reasons he was loved so much, he was just a good bloke!"
Steve James, son of Sid James

"Sid was a gentle man - a gentle man and a gentleman. Sid was never aggressive or offensive. That's how I saw him and I don't know anyone else who ever saw him differently. I've never heard anyone say anything nasty about Sid ever."
Sally Geeson - Star of Bless This House and Carry On 

"He was just a down-to-earth bloke and had a warmth about him. You could see yourself sitting down for a pint with Sid."
Robert Ross - Author of Sid James Cockney Rebel and The Complete Sid James

"Perhaps the secret as to why Mr Sidney James was so loved is that he was simply 'Sid' in whatever he did."
Stuart Ball - Sid's Place writer and author of A Question of Carry On

"Perfect strangers in the street I meet yell out 'Wotcha Sid! How's it going?' I like that. I think that's real nice."
Sidney James


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