Sid on Song

Like many of his comedy contemporaries of the time, Sid committed his voice to vinyl on a number of occasions. From the slapstick humour of my personal favourite The Ooter Song to the rousing Kids, Sid's musical diversions were always memorable.

Double Bunk

The title track of the film of the same name, Double Bunk sees Sid at his lustiest and Liz Fraser at her chirpiest. The climax of the song features arguably the dirtiest Sid laugh ever recorded!

The Ooter Song

This  marvellous slice of nonsense was actually the B side of Double Bunk but is every inch the equal of its more illustrious counterpart, perhaps even superior.


This is a wonderfully rousing rendition of one of the best-loved songs from the musical Bye Bye Birdie. Sid was part of the cast assembled for a special studio production, released by His Master's Voice and EMI in 1961. 

Our House

Taken from the Carry On London revue show first staged at the Victoria Palace in 1973, Our House is a marked change of pace from the other songs featured here. It sums up Sid's warm, everyman personae perfectly.


  1. Just a shame he puts on the American accent on 'Kids'.
    'The Ooter Song' is great.


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