More Carry On Pathe

As promised, here are some more fascinating newsreels from the expansive archives of British Pathe featuring Sid and other members of  the Carry On team, alongside other great comedy stars of the fifties and sixties.

Secombe Christens the Pudding (1958)

Filmed at the long-since demolished Cadby Hall in London, which was once home to the famous Lyons catering company, Harry Secombe and Hattie Jacques perform a lovely spontaneous comedy routine as they mix a huge Christmas pudding.  

The Trout Inn (1963)

A beautiful 17th century riverside pub in Wolvercote near Oxford, The Trout was, at one time, famed for having a fully-fledged butcher's shop inside the restaurant, which gave diners the opportunity to choose their own cuts of meat. This interesting little film focuses on two rather famous customers - Peter Butterworth and Harry Worth.

Gala All Stars (1964)

Surviving footage of an 'off-duty' Charles Hawtrey is quite rare. This Pathe newsreel from 1964 sees the eccentric Carry On star visiting Battersea Fun Fair in aid of the Variety Club of Great Britain. Look out for a lovely little piece of comedy business between Hawtrey and Jon Pertwee.

Also featured are stars such as Bruce Forsyth, Cilla Black, Harry H Corbett, Liz Fraser, Ian Hendry and Ronald Fraser.

Tommy Steele Wedding (1960)

The wedding of Tommy Steele was one of the biggest society events of 1960 and, as such, attracted a very high calibre of guests. Sid James and his wife Valerie can be seen arriving at the nuptials, as can the lovely Hattie Jacques with her husband at the time, John le Mesurier.

There is no better example of the different attitudes that existed during this era than the subtle but very unkind comment made by the narrator concerning Hattie's weight.


Children's Matinee (1963)

Founded in 1951, the Children's Film Foundation produced a plethora of short features for younger viewers for over 30 years. This captivating newsreel sees a pre-Carry On Bernard Bresslaw entertaining a cinema full of children with a lovely little routine. This is a true gem.


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